Why We Get A Deal?

We’re creating a movement for local business owners with a simple concept, NO Monthly Fees, NO Joining Fees, NO High Commission Fees. Which means you can pass on savings to your customers & increase your sales


We create your advertising campaigns, list your business, products & services all for FREE & you only pay when you sell.

Woohoo, Awesome Right!


Customers pay you direct at the time of booking helping your cashflow.

That deserves another Woohoo!


When your item sells we collect a 15% customer payment.

At this price We Get A Deal really is a no brainer!

Looks Too Good To Be True? Well That’s Just How We Roll.

We’re creating a movement for local business owners with low seller fees, which means better margins for sellers & better deals for customers. Join us Today.

Why Should You Join?

  1. No Upfront Payment

  2. No Setup Fees

  3. No Listing Fees

  4. No Monthly Fees

  5. No Hidden Fees

  6. No Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already using a similar service, why should I use WeGetADeal? +

That’s easy, WeGetADeal deal providers make more money because our fees are so low.

Can I see my advertising campaigns before they go live on the site? +

Yes of course. We send you a link to approve your campaigns before they go live.

I’m not very technical, is there a lot to learn? +

No not at all, we do everything for you. It’s as easy as sending & opening an email. Trust us, its so simple even your Nan could do it.

What percentage of commission do I have to pay? +

When you’re item sells we collect a 15% customer payment.

How do I get paid? +

Once we’ve received the customer payment, we send you and the customer each others details so you can contact each other to arrange payment of the remaining balance.

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